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  With the line drawn in the Syrian sand, we find the Third World War at hand.  It isn’t just another skirmish to satisfy the oil-lust of this nation. Nor is it a small step for Uncle Sam in His Manifest Destiny for global control.  It is a last giant leap into the desperation of a nation headed to Third World status.
  The demise of the United States draws near quickly as there are other bullies in this playground for human lives, namely Russia and China. As in so many of its previous wars, this country has labored long to instigate a “just cause” to enter it. As these new shots are heard around the world, Russia and China will go to arms and pull the plug on this cesspool we call the American Economy and its way of life.
  Americans had a dream once, a dream of “Live and Let Live”.  The manifestation of that dream died with the birth of this grand ( and failing ) experiment in limited government called the United States.  Nevertheless, the ghost of that dream lingers on to provide a cover story for the injustices this nation metes out to the world.
  It is this injustice that brings the world to hate this nation. It has nothing to do with our freedoms, as they can’t exist alongside government.  It isn’t our wealth either, as we are a debtor nation flatlining unlike any other.
  There is a solution where one man isn’t forced to live for the sake of another.  It, however, is a work in progress. Its form and fruit remain unseen as long as the State continues to impede the progress of mankind to peace and freedom.
  This imperialist bully of a nation can not exist without the support of its citizenry.  Ganging up on this bully only lays the groundwork for another to take its place. We must not fear this monster. We must step completely away from the bully of government and starve it of our sweat, our blood, and our most precious things- our children.