After his Image

This blog will mostly contain writings about science, current events, and freedom. Freedom from the chains of both religion and the state.
Like many others, I was raised christian, and the best lesson I learned from my mother was the love of truth. Truth is the ideal that I have pursued despite its changing effects on myself. I love truth enough to follow it down the dark corridors of human history, to envision a wonderful future for mankind, and yes, I love truth enough to be proven wrong.

I will also post the random poem on here as I write them. Many these days tend to be political in nature.

I am married to a wonderful woman who brought with her three intelligent and strong willed boys. Also, we have a beautiful daughter together, named Saffron (thanks to the the TV Show Firefly). Having a child of my own has changed me in more ways that I would have realized and has brought me more understanding of my own upbringing.

Feel free to comment on anything, argue with anything, present your evidence, or just follow along… There is no telling what you might see here.

Those curious about the banner … the yellowfin tuna is called ahi in hawaiian, thus its suitability for a blog called “After his Image”.

22 thoughts on “About”

  1. Interesting name for your blog. Is it purely facetious or is there more to it?

    • myrthryn said:

      Originally, I was going to just call the blog AfterImage. After looking recently a few articles about tuna, I came up with the idea of using ‘his’ in the name as an acronym for the yellowfin tuna and as a reference to my being an atheist. The afterimage idea also applies to my ‘political ‘ views now as well.
      Wasn’t meaning to sound facetious at all. Having read some James Joyce, my desire for word play is at times overwhelming. Examples would be the double meaning in the first line of my Ron Paul Comparison post or the eight song titles and the group name in my Universal Morality post.
      Ever read any Finnegans Wake? Reading just a little of it, I can feel it disjarring my minds linguistic structures. In the spirit of the book, a phrase with double meaning came to mind to sum up what that book was about. Bye car’ful of whit you sae. Pure word candy.

  2. Great word stuff. Never heard of Finnegan’s Wake. I’ll have to check that out. How does the name of your blog refer to your being an atheist without some irony?

    • myrthryn said:

      You won’t be disappointed if you want word play with Finnegans Wake. Some people take a years to read it or a year analyzing just one page. It is estimated that he used sixty plus languages for this book. I haven’t read most of it. It is quite hefty and definitely alters the way one perceives language.

      As for the name, it can be ironic. However the ‘After’ can be read two ways …in the sense of fashioned after or in reference to time past.

      • I have an idea I’d like to run by you, but couldn’t find an email anywhere.

        Notice you’re church of christ …that’s what I grew up in.

  3. I read “Finnegan’s Wake” a long time ago. At one time, James Joyce was one of my favorite literary writers. I thought Joyce’s “Dubliners” was the best collection of short stories on the planet; his long short story “The Dead” might be the best short story I have read. “The Artist as a Young Man” is excellent and “Ulysses” is very good. “Finnegan’s Wake” is not accessible to most people.

    Here is a short story that I had published by Ethos Magazine back in 1995:

    “High Plains Drifter”

  4. n.a.wilkerson at gmail (edited for spam reduction)

  5. Hi Mythryn, thanks for signing up for my blog. It started out as a part of my masters, to mop up all the excess research and thnking but it seems to be developing a life and following of its own. cheers

  6. I just figured out what the photo at the top of your blog means: A fish out of water–which means you are A NON-CONFORMIST! (just what we need: another non-conformist in the outfit)

    One time I was working on this farm near Killorglin, County Kerry, Ireland in 1981 and I told the woman that I was working for that I took a train to Belfast, Northern Ireland and walked down the Falls Road (it was considered a poor, war-torn part of Belfast).

    The woman looked at me and started laughing. She said, “You’re on odd fish, Tim. An odd fish.” She smiled at me and kept laughing.

    • I would be quite the non-conformist to be sure. I enjoy out of the box thinking and solutions. It took me a good while to find the image that I wanted to use for my blog. It was originally of two tuna, with this one pictured jumping out of the water with a lure. Obviously edited those two things out after asking permission for this sport fishing group if I could use there photo.
      I was at an indoor flea-market once, and one of the proprietors asked me if I collected anything. I got a very queer look when I replied that I collected information…. Thanks for stopping by again, Tim!

  7. leander42 said:

    I’ve nominated you for a Thought provoking Blog award. The rules for acceptance are here:


  8. Hey, I can’t see how we can contact you by e-mail.

  9. I am glad that you aren’t a Fish person, merely someone having fin… 😀

  10. Ahi, very nice. Great blog.

  11. I have always wondered about that photo of Gary Cooper on your gravatar. It is from the film THE FOUNTAINHEAD (1949). I saw part of that film a couple of days ago. One of the most important parts of THE FOUNTAINHEAD was Gary Cooper’s speech in the courtroom.

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